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Open Class Nationals - Another Student Writes

Al Simmons rode with Russell Holtz on the second practice day and the first two contest days.  He writes:

"Thanks for a really super fun and a great learning experience.  For me, the contest experience was priceless.  I have really wanted to at least “back seat” with someone competing for a couple of years now, but the very few potential opportunities have been blocked by weather or schedule conflicts.  So to be able to actually do the flying and learn the basic ropes was perfect.  We really cannot wait to get back out there and do some more soaring at NV.  Special thanks to the ground crew and the tow pilots.  You have the best Glider Operation I have ever experienced, and probably the best in the country, especially now that Russell is running the training.  His instruction really helped me find and core thermals.  We watch Russell’s results every night on the SSA site.  Keep up the good work."


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Posted: 6/18/2012


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