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Open Class Nationals - Day 6 - A New Leader

I read a comment on RAS this morning that characterized the weatherman at a contest as primarily needed for entertainment purposes. I can say with great confidence that is not the case here. Rely on the Blipmaps alone and you will be rudely awakened.  The local knowledge and experience that Doug and Stewart bring to the party is very helpful.

Today is forecast to be increasingly windy from the SW.  This will also provide artificial early warming from cadabatic flow off the Sierra.  The challange will be to split the hair between sufficient lift to launch and climb to task start height after the cadabatic flow begins and before the direct xwind makes a launch unsafe. The sniffer is launched at 11:40 and the fleet at noon.

The tasking is also a challange as the day can vary between weak broken rotor controlled thermals and wave. We decide on a 3:15 hour 111/224/341 mile TAT covering LeeVining, Yerington and Sweetwater, keeping everyone close in and near airports. The task opens at 12:50 and everyone is on course by 13:15.

When all was said and done the score sheet shuffled. The overall conditions were on the good side although everyone seemed to have a story of good lift and stuck in a hole. Ray Gimmey found the line and took the day at 86mph over 281 miles.  Rick Walters and Dave Nadler both struggled with the result that Rick Indebro in the ASW-27 now leads. Ray Gimmey is in the hunt only 79 points back with likely 3 days to go. PA favorite Mike Robison remains in 3rd.


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Posted: 6/17/2012


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