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Open Class Nationals - Day 5 - Going Long

Saturday's forecast was for the Sierra to be working even better and longer than before, so we called a 4:30 MAT, challanging pilots to find the best lines along the Sierra and Whites.  It is unusual to have multiple Sierra days in a row, and we wanted to take advantage.  Rick Walters described it well:

"For several days a somewhat atypical easterly flow has added some interesting choices when deciding the best route to any turnpoint. The task for Day 5 was a 4.5 hour MAT to Bishop,and then to one of our new turnpoints, Manzanar, which is about 175 mies from Minden. The Sierra had a 250 mile long cloudstreet, but it appeared to be too far west of course line. Most chose the direct route to Bishop over Glass Mt, and then connecting to the Inyo Mtns for the run to Manzanar. There were also cloudstreets in the Owens Valley that made the valley turnpoint a painless transition.

With a 90 mph average speed additional turns would be needed and the day would be won in the next hour.  Next stop was Benton, up the White mtns and then a 90 degree left turn to Crestview, back to the HWY 395 corridor and near the Sierra cloudstreet. 7V ( flying Pete Alexander's ASG 29) then turned south again to Mammoth. This won the day for Ray as he then ran the weakening street northbound."

Ray's flight of 93 mph over 230 miles got him 60 points on Rick Indebrow. Only 137 points separate the top 4 with likely 4 flying days to go.  

Tonight SoaringNV hosted a top notch BBQ, providing ample excuse for pilots to extend their tall stories for a few hours.


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Posted: 6/16/2012


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