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Region 6 South - Practice Day

After four wonderful days of soaring in the XC Soaring Camp, the weather cooperated and practice day contestants merged with regular Club operations. The weather was expected to be slightly less strong than the last day of Camp, but still with 4-5 knot climbs to 5500 feet. There was a chance of overdevelopment which did not occur although we heard some thunderstorms to the east, that already being behind us. CD Frank Paynter (yep, that Frank) called a 2.5 hour TAT with CCSC as the start, a 20 mile circle around Madison County and a 15 mile circle around Double J, then back to CCSC. The start gate was open at the time of each launch. We had one landout, one of our own local fliers, but I don't know if he was on task or not as I left the field to enjoy dinner with my wife for the first time in a week. We have a number of XC Soaring Campers staying over and they took advantage of another casual day of flying. In addition, those that came in last night were registered quickly so they could assemble and have their practice flights.

We still have a few contestants to arrive and right now tomorrows' flying looks marginal

Posted: 6/16/2012


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