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Open Class Nationals - Day 4 - Changing Gears

I'm not sure where yesterday's report posted to, some alternate universe no doubt; and unfortunately I wasn't able to get the backup from the NSA.  However, the descriptions of the 90mph plus task speeds provided on YO and JOY's blogs (links below) say it much better than I can.

Today dawned cold with a northerly wind. Not a good sign for good lift. We need 12ish K to go south (where the better lift would be) but the temps just don't seem to support that.  We craft a 2 turn MAT going north with devalued, more devalued and really devalued times.

On the grid it seems warmer and we unexpectedly spy a big dust devil. We launch the sniffer and almost immediately he reports nine knots through nine thousand.  More dust devils appear. We launch the fleet and we change the task to a MAT to the south with one required turn at Bridgeport.

Although the initial climbs in the start cylinder were good, the first leg proved a challange, with reported speeds as low as 40.  Once in the south things improved considerabley and Chip Garner in the Duckhawk took the day at 80mph over 206 miles.  Mike Robison took second and moved into second overall with 78mph over 254 miles.

Be sure to visit the other (excellent) blogs at the links below.
Saturday promises to be a long fast day.

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Posted: 6/15/2012


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