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Region 9 Super Regional Moriarty Club/Modern Class - Thursday, June14, 2012 - Fourth Contest Day

Forecast called for clear skies, mild winds, high thermals to 16k-18k.  The contest committee called slightly different turn area tasks for the club and modern class.  The club task specified turn cylinders north at Penasco (30 mi radius), southeast to Corona (30 mi radius), the east to Manzano Peak (15 mi radius) for a minimum distance of 164 miles, nominal of 295 miles and 432 miles maximum and a minimum time of 3 hours.  The first turn cylinder for the modern class was even further north at Angel Fire (30 mile radius) giving the moderns a minimum distance of 208 miles, nominal of 337 miles, and maximum of 472 miles with a 4 hour minimum time.

Strong thermals cycling through the runway made for an interesting launch.  Still the ground operations managed to get the field off without incident.

David Leonard (ZL) won the day for the modern class in his ASW-27 with 985 points for a handicapped speed of 76.51 mph over a distance of 308.76 miles.  Jim Cumiford (RX), also flying an ASW-27, was right behind earning 972 points for a speed of 75.53 mph and a 318.11 miles.  Bif Huss (H7) in his Discus 2b finished in third garnering 936 points with a speed of 73.99 mph over a distance 302.30 miles.

In the club class Paul Briggs (7B) in his ASW-20C-15 came in first winning 1000 points for a handicapped speed of 64.87 mph over a distance of 216.91 miles.  Bob Faris (BF) in his LS-3-15 was forced to settle for second place with 949 points for a speed of 61.59 and a distance of 232.05 miles.  Brian Resor (UX) in his ASW-20C-15 brought up third with 905 points for a speed of 58.71 mph and a distance of 199.05 miles.

Estancia Airport was once again a popular place, Joe Brack (DB) land there in his LS-4A along with one Air Force Discus 2b.

Posted: 6/15/2012


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