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Open Class Nationals - Minden Recovered

This evening was the mandatory pilots meeting, which started of with remarks by the airport manager Bobbi Thompson. The airport, in concert with SoaringNV is making us feel very welcome.  After some brief remarks by Bobbi, she passed out tokens of welcome from the airport, including t-shirts for all pilots and crew plus "survival rations" (chocolate in the shape of Nevada).

With the weather looking much better and all pilots ready to fly, we called a practice day 3 hour TAT of south to Benton with a 30 mi radius and then Hawthorn with a 15 mile radius - enabling distances from 140 to 280 miles.

Even an achieved climb of 14kts in one thermal didn't win the day for Rick Walters, as Bill Gawthrop took the day with 262 miles at 82mph.

Tomorrow the race begins. Don't touch that dial.


Posted: 6/11/2012


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