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Region 6 North Super Regional - No Fly Day 2

The stalled warm front held up by tropical strorm Byrle off Florida remained in the contest area (just north of the flying area at the 10am pilots meeting) but the soundings gave us hope for possible flyable conditions if the forecasted high of 91 was reached and potential high cloud failed to materialize.  Grid was called for 12:30.  Sniffers where launched at 12:45 (Logan Weck and John Iacobucci NB).  The sniffers were unable to climb above 3200 MSL (2400 AGL) and the strong SE winds were breaking up the thermals.  John Sullivan (UFO) joined the other sniffers later but by this point none were able unable to climb above tow altitude as some high cloud came in.  The CD called the sniffers back just before 3pm as available time for completing the short AAT task left little choice but to call the day. 

The forecast high of 91 never materialized and we barely reached 80 even though the majority of the day was clear and sunny.   A mild haze lingered all day and occasional high clouds developed after 2:30.  It is interesting to note that 40 miles south temps were in the 90s.  50 miles north temps struggled to get out of the 60's.  Winds were also 10-20 kts out of the ESE although forcasted to be 10 kts out of the south.

By 4pm a small gust front suddenly materialized to the north on moved thru the area with 25 kt + winds for roughly 1 hour.  It was definitly a good call to call the day when we did.

The evening was nice group dinner at the Lamplight in downtown Ionia followed by Men in Black 3 at the Historic Ionia theatre.  About 50 pilots, family, crew & friends from the contest attended.  Quite an impressive crowd!

Tomorrow we have a chance of flying although the winds may get strong as the cold front approaches and passes tomorrow evening.  After the frontal passage it appears we may have some excellent flying conditions. 

Sean (F2)


Posted: 5/27/2012


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