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15 Meter Nationals - Contest Wrap Up

Hi race fans,

The day has finally come that I dread every year, the imminent departure of the whole fleet. This is always a sad day for me, as I love the people, the racing and everything that comes along with hosting a meet. It is a lot to manage, but Team Mifflin seems to share this load very well.

As well as being the chief tow pilot, a few years ago I started to help out with contest management duties. This has taken some of the load off our gracious contest hosts, Karl and Iris Striedieck. We can never say enough thanks for the efforts they put forth and the contributions they give to this sport. This is the best of thanks we can hope to extend for all they do to make racing at Mifflin the success it is.

The racing this year was quite interesting as well. The contest period was moved forward a bit, as now is permitted in the rules. Instead of our usual Tuesday start to Nationals, we started both classes to racing on Sunday with 2 practice days. The surprising thing was when I went to the field for set up day, trailers were everywhere, and I even had a 6 in the morning tow that day. Many others flew this pre practice day, counting that day, 2 practice days and the contest period, we flew 9 out of a possible 13 days. This is a dog gone good amount of flying for all!

The days varied a lot, from late starting, to looks good but is crap, to honest and going just as predicted. Everyone had their own challenges to overcome, and that is why we run the race. The only thing better for this sight would have been to sprinkle in a good ridge day to race in, but those all occurred before the scoring counted. Many had fun in it, but the racing days were all thermal days, with maybe light ridge for a save here and there.

This morning dawned with an early meeting to give out awards. The day was never truly declared as cancelled, but everyone knew we had raced our last day on Sunday. The pilots meeting was moved up to 8 AM in order to get everyone on the road.

The Giltner trophy, for the fastest flight at 15 M nationals, and the locally sanctioned Mifflin Trophy, for the longest flight of a Mifflin event, were both awarded to BB, John Cochran. The medallions and nicely crafted trophies were given out next in the order of third place to BB, 2nd place to A8 John Seaborn, and the 2012 15 M national champion, CG Chip Garner. We also recognized Canadian guest Jerzy Szemplinski as the cumulative winner. It was duly noted that the podium contained all western pilots, so much for the thought that westerners cannot handle eastern weather.

Pictures were taken, handshakes and hugs exchanged and quickly the field was almost void of trailers.

I would be remiss if I did not thank all the local participants that make this a success. My apologies if I miss anyone. Launch crew, Steve Glick, his rope running off spring, Austin and Nikki. Paul Weeden and Fred Winter, into everything type of guys. Logan Peters for doing hook ups. JT. Mc Master, and various other Harris Hill Juniors. They helped whenever we ask. Our scorer and his lovely wife Patricia. Pat helps see to it we are fed, and fed well. Thanks Pat, GREAT JOB!! Joanie Yanusas, Janine Acee, Iris, Lori Mc Carren and many other pilot’s wives for helping with the meals. Joanie and Iris organize this all and it works great. Retrieve office boss, Becky Thompson, she is very meticulous and never misses a detail. Great job Becky. All the tow pilots, Butch Thompson, Bob Bauer, George Green and the 3 organizations that sent these ships. Harris Hill, Mid Atlantic Soaring and Keystone Gliderport. A meet cannot run without good tugs to get the gliders going.

Thank you to all the pilots that came to fly with us, Reg 2 guys, and 15 Meter guys. These facilities have improved immensely over the years, and with the soaring gods shining on us, we hope to be running contests for many years to come.

Next year we host Sports Class Nationals, same time, same place. YA’LL COME BACK NOW, YA HEAR!!!!

To steal a quote from Tom Kelley………

Thermal tight, soar high and fly safe.

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/22/2012


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