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15 Meter Nationals - Additional Comments Day 6

Hello again all racing enthusiasts,

I must report on the rest of the day here at Mifflin, and add a few notes that I missed earlier.

First, a report on the day as it developed, very simply, RAIN. We are sitting in a large ugly mass. Local weather calls it a “chance of showers” all day. In truth, that is a major understatement. It has been raining here almost constantly since about 8 this morning, with one break. As I write this it is coming down rather hard. Barring a miracle, which has been known to happen, we have flown our last flight of the 15 M. Nationals. Tomorrows forecast calls for more of the same with Thunderstorms thrown in for good measures. We will have a pilots meeting at 9:30 AM and most likely an awards ceremony included.

As I looked over the score sheet again today, it dawned on me that I have been grossly unfair to one competitor. I will explain. As I have been reporting on the race I have been talking about the cumulative scores in relation to who can win the US 15 M. nationals. I have totally neglected the fact that a guest is at the top of the whole thing, but will not be crowned champion. XG, Jerzy Szemplinski is leading this race in his ASG29. I feel really bad about this, as I went up to Jerzy early in the week and complimented him on how consistently he fly’s and how much practice he has put into refining this trade. Jerzy e-mails me and comes to Mifflin every time the winds look favorable for nice long ridge flights, no matter when it is. When a system comes up that he likes, I can expect an e-mail and to see Jerzy very early on the agreed upon day and it takes him about 6 hours to get here. Quite an effort indeed. I will top this off to say that Jerzy has a spot on the Canadian team this summer and we all think he will be more than up to the task when Uvalde drops the flag to start the World meet.


I will file one final report tomorrow on all the issues I missed before now. Hopefully I have them all cornered in my mind and can get it all right the first time. I hope you have enjoyed my reports and found them informative.

Food is on, and I am missing it!

Good soaring to all

Brian Glick


Posted: 5/21/2012


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