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15 Meter Nationals - Contest Day 5 May 19

Hi race fans,

Today started out much as the last 2 have, clear blue skies and lots of sun on the ground. The weatherman predicted it all to be blue and once again, with a few scattered exceptions, he was correct. This day seemed to cook much slower than yesterday, and some thought it may never get here. The land outs were reduced today and the speeds a little higher, though only by a little over yesterday. The sniffers today were using the up and down method for a little longer than expected and eventually the good stuff happened first in a nonstandard release area north of the field. The CD made the right call in sending everyone up there as this made at least a 20 to 30 minute difference in the racers being able to stick without numerous re lights.

The tasks were both turn area tasks with big fat circles around them to allow for lots of wiggle room for the changes in the weather. Sports class was won by HW, Heinz Weisenbuehler and 15 M by BB, John Cochran. Several guys jumped up and showed a renewed form, as KS finished second after an earlier land out.

Today was the last day of the Reg 2 Sports class, so this evening we had the awards ceremony. The Team of 98, Richard Walters and Peter Alexander won sports in a beautiful Arcus. The awards were handed out this evening, and unlike any contest that I have worked before, no one was in a hurry to leave. I think this has to do with ending on a Saturday with the remainder of a Nationals still running. A few close to home guys did go, but the rush to endless parts of this country will not start until tomorrow. I am sad to see them go, they are all a great bunch of race pilots.

The 15 M nationals continue on until Tuesday. Right now the scores are tight as only 24 points separate first from second. The overall lead did change today for the first time as Chip Garner overcame John Seaborn by 24 to take the lead. There is still plenty of racing left to go, and anything can happen.

I have not looked at the weather much past tomorrow, but it looks like all is well for the near term. I will add more on the prospects for Monday and Tuesday in my next post.


Stay Tuned

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/19/2012


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