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15 Meter Nationals - Contest Day 4 May 18

Hi race fans,

This morning was a bright and clear day as we entered the field for more racing at Mifflin. The pilot’s meeting was extended by several issues and items that get dealt with as the contest moves into its latter stages. This is not unusual at most contests as we tend to try and get ahead of the end of the contest rush.

The weatherman reports that today will be much as yesterday, blue with the lift topping at around 6,000 feet.  It also will not start until somewhere between 12 and 1 o’clock. The sniffer was sent up at 11:50 and reports back that he has a little lift but it needs to work a bit. Soon he reports the lift to 4,000 feet in 3-5 knots. The launch starts at 12:20 and all are airborne in an hour.

The air is still dry and the nights have been cool, with strong sun on the ground, today is the day that we see plenty of start gate roulette. The pre-start gaggles are large, but after the gate has opened, many hang out waiting for it to get better. In truth, it never does. I have little to no input from the pilots themselves as I was away from the field today tending to an issue, more on that tomorrow. The speeds were not incredibly fast, and the day did claim a few very good racers as land outs. We have shuffled the score sheet like a deck of playing cards. The one 15 M pilot I talked with told me he played it safe on what he knew was going to be a rough day. He flew conservatively, got home, and counted on land outs and poor finishers to move him up the ladder a bit. This worked for him today, and it was probably a day more wish they had used this strategy as well.

This evening was the annual Mifflin fish fry. It was evident this afternoon that this was the day of fish, as I saw people arriving from all over as invited guests to partake of this delicious meal. One former contestant landed from east of here and proudly pronounced to me that he and his guests had flown up to have fish dinner. We are very proud that this has become something to look forward to every year. It is a lot of work, and all the credit goes to my father, Gene Glick, and all of his volunteer help. Without them, fish at Mifflin would not happen.

Tomorrow looks to be more the same as today. A look at the weather says the pattern is pretty set and we can go racing at least 2 more days.  


More tomorrow


Brian Glick


Posted: 5/18/2012


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