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15 Meter Nationals - Contest Day 3 May 17

Good evening race fans,

Well today saw the string of moderate improvement that we were hoping for.  As I reported this morning, it was blue and the top of the lift held out at about the 6,000 ft. level that we thought it would. In fact, our esteemed weatherman reported that it cost him a few minutes, but he had to stop and climb to 6K just to prove a point. Darn the English are hard headed.

The day started out slow and we had to sit and wait for it to cook. The sniffer was launched at 11:35 and seemed to stick for about 20 minutes, but then had to land back. I towed him both times, and the improvement was evident on the 2nd tow. He hung out for another little piece and the launch started at 12:40. The CD wanted 6 launches to see if everyone stuck before making the decision to continue. It was evident to this tow pilot that all was going to go. In order to get everyone in the air, we need to start with the first sustainable lift, which is what we did today.

With both classes launched in a little over and hour, the gate opens for both and everyone streams out on task. 2 guys just never find it and land back without an attempt. The rest seem to have better luck and better conditions than yesterday, though speeds are not rapidly increased for the winners. The difference is in the number of finishers. The land-outs were reduced by many, and the re-lights were only one, and it was a mechanical issue and not lack of lift.

The 15 M winner was XG, Jerzy Szemplinski. In Sports, it was 98, the Arcus team of Peter Alexander and Rick Walters. I have to be careful with this team, as I am told that Peter used to be an Apple something or other, if I mention his name while typing on a PC, he may ban me to a lifetime of virus’s and Bill Gates BS. This team is also interesting in that every time I announce them as winning something, it is funny to watch Rick pass the buck as far as who talks. If they keep winning, I will force Rick (Gary Itner) Walters to stand up and say something. Trust me, I can do it.

We seem to be in an improving weather pattern that is what we all come to the glider port for. Stay tuned for all the news that is fit to print, and maybe some that is not.


Until tomorrow

Brian Glick





Posted: 5/17/2012


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