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15 Meter Nationals - Morning Report May 17

Good morning race fans,

As promised, I am reporting to you this morning from back at the race here at Mifflin instead of my office.

This morning dawned again as yesterday, only much cooler and much dryer than yesterday. The weather forecast for the day indicates that it will be blue and it will start at the earliest around noon. Both classes are being sent out on identical tasks similar to yesterday’s being a 3 hour MAT with 4 mandatory turn points.

The launch direction was in doubt for a while this morning as the wind was much more easterly than predicted and also stronger than predicted. It appears to be settling down now and the standard 24 grid will be used. This is a relief as no one, racing pilots, or tow pilots like the “elephant walk” to the other end of the runway.  For us tow pilot’s it is much better at this sight to use 24, we have much more room for cool down and a nice safe pattern back for our next tow.

As I was absent yesterday, a very kind and qualified individual flew my tow ship. He fly’s very well and I am told he did a fine job. I even got a little free maintenance as on the usual trip around the pattern that we all take when flying another ship, seems he fractured my right brake line. A quick fix was made and this morning I was publicly presented a bill. Many laughs were had as the grand total of the “free” repair was displayed on the overhead and came to $2,000.00. I am preparing a protest for the committee to hear on this matter. More on the results of this later as the verdict is issued.

I will report to you this evening on the results for the day.


Stay tuned


Brian Glick 

Posted: 5/17/2012


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