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15 Meter Nationals - Contest Day 2 May 16

Hello race fans,

The rain finally left us here at Mifflin and the day dawned bright and clear. The cue seemed to be popping early, but the truth is it was mostly because of all the rain we have had the last few days. The air was still very moist, although we had no afternoon blow-ups that one may suspect. The launch went off rather smoothly, though with quite a few re-lights that made it take more time than one would have liked.

A quick look at the score sheet will tell the tale, as some who got up and away, made out well, and others were sentenced to toil in marginal lift that never did work. Of the finishers, some reported good lift with good heights and others not so much. This is the kind of day that usually happens after a good soaking rain.

The good news is, the dryer, cooler night time air should continue to filter in and give us better days ahead. 15 Meter had 10 speed finishers, after that it looks as if most got caught early in the task. As if we did not have enough moisture to worry about, as I sit in my office writing this report, a small shower is passing over just for spite. Certainly an unexpected happening.

The Reg. 2 Sports class had a much better percentage of finishers to total gliders, but the speeds were not high. This appears to be much more of a tip toe through the tulip patch than one would like to see. I will report more on this day tomorrow, hopefully in an early morning posting. I will try to have 2 for you on Thursday.


See you at the airport

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/16/2012


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