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15 Meter Nationals - No Contest May 15

Hi race fans,

Today at Mifflin dawned much as yesterday did. When we awoke and looked around 99% of us were sure it was another no fly day. We met at the usual time and it was clear that the 1% that was not sure, being the CD and contest sponsor were going to see to it that we stay put until we were sure. Another meeting was called for 12:00 noon. In the meantime, the annual Mifflin rule committee fight, I mean meeting, took place immediately after the pilots meeting. 4 of the rules committee members were present and attempting to moderate. I will leave the details of that meeting for someone else to report, suffice it to say for a non-glider pilot, it was interesting to watch. Next year I think I am going to suggest we sell tickets to raise money for the team fund. None of this is meant to poke fun at the process, I might add, just to point out that the rules are well vetted, and all opinions are allowed to be heard. That said, we could make a lot of money selling tickets to this event!!

At Noon the CD interrupted the rules proceedings to inform all that not nearly enough improvement had occurred to allow us a fair and safe competition day, so the race day was officially canned for the day.

The afternoon of rain day activities broke out shortly afterwards. Karl and a half dozen or so guys set about putting wood sealer on the outside of our clubhouse. HW, myself and a few others went fishing at a local club and had a blast.

As usually happens, not 30 minutes from day cancellation, the rain quit and the sun came out bright and strong. This is still not to say that we could have flown, the ground has taken a good soaking and the minute the sun hit the ground it all rolled up into more showers and the cycle continued throughout the day.

We also gave an interesting award this morning. Seems that on the first contest day, SM, John Seymour, lit out of the start circle and proceeded to an out landing all the while flying 90 degrees from course line. This resulted in him getting scored for 2\10ths of a mile, even though he landed out some 25 miles from the homedrome. As a prize, he was given the “world’s smallest ruler” with which to measure his scoreable distance, the ruler was only 2 inches long.

The weather for the rest of this week looks much better as this warm rainy air looks to be followed by a cold Canadian high pressure system. I can see 5 straight days of racing in the future if this forecast holds.


See you at the airport

Brian Glick



Posted: 5/15/2012


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