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15 Meter Nationals - May 14 No Contest Day

Hi race fans,

This morning at Mifflin dawned much as most thought it would. The ceiling is so low that even the pigeons have to file IFR before they go.

The morning meeting opened at 9:30 as normally and everyone settled in knowing they had nothing better to do for most of the day. After the usual operations and contest announcements, the weatherman reported what we already knew. Rain all day, low ceilings, and just generally no flying today.  Lots of promotional items were included this morning, including a short talk concerning the new go racing bumper stickers and the impending Worlds in Uvalde this year.

The rain has been pretty much steady all day, and tomorrow is not looking good either. The encouragement is in the fact that Richard says we should fly plenty after tomorrow.  Why is it that at sail plane races, the minute the flag drops, the lift stops? Food for thought.

A few words on Mifflin. This organization has been holding races here since at least 1991. A few years were missed until 1996, since then we have staged an event every year, be it a regional and many nationals. Each year it seems that we have a few new competitors to this sight, and I was pleased to see about 6 hands raise, when we asked who had never flown here before. We have a few southerners and 1 Australian that showed up early to enjoy the good conditions of pre contest days. His name is Alan Barnes and I have much enjoyed the Australian accent when he speaks. Mr. Barnes seems to be enjoying himself and we are very happy to have him.

This week is full of activities regardless of flying status. Tomorrow night is a meal here at the field and Friday night we are having trout for dinner.  This traditional Mifflin meal started by accident and has become the highlight meal of the race. Even people who have professed to not like fish have been known to come back for seconds. We even had one Canadian lady ask us a number of years ago, “how do you make this trout taste like walleye” I have had Walleye, the trout is good, but nothing compares to Walleye. You get the point.

Also, before last year’s contest, we formed a club named the Mifflin Soaring Association. With the help of countless volunteers and donors, we built a very nice clubhouse to use for soaring activities. This has made the job of running races here much easier and much more user friendly. I urge anyone interested in soaring this area to get in contact with KS and inquire about the use of clubhouse facilities. We do not own gliders or tow planes, but a tow plane is based on the field.

The afternoon is being filled with shopping trips, wing polishing and little rinky dink repairs that everyone puts off when at home.  We hope to go back to racin tomorrow, but Mother Nature must co-operate. Only time will tell


See you at the airport

Brian Glick 

Posted: 5/14/2012


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