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Region 5 North - Day 3

We arose this morning to dense fog and even during the pilot’s meeting the skies lacked much promise; however our trusty weatherman, Scott, was encouraging and we went to the grid as planned. The CD decided to launch the 15 and 18-meter classes and then hold to see how the weather improved. The wait for the sport and standard classes was short and the launch proceeded. The ceilings lifted and climbs to 4 and 5 thousand were available. Most found the early part of the tasks to be fast but some of us had trouble getting home as the high cirrus moved in from the west and there were a couple of land outs.

At the end of the day, Rhonda held an awards ceremony and recognized the day winners of each class and the contest winners as well.

Operations went smoothly and the contest closed out with no errors and all aircraft back safely.

Posted: 4/21/2012


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