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Senior's Soaring Championship - Daily report

March 15 report

Today’s early weather forecast call for more and better lift over nearly all of our task area.  The initial plan was for a task that extended well to the north - the only part of our task area that had not yet been thoroughly investigated by gliders of the 2012 Senior Contest.  But later forecasts were calling for trouble (overdevelopment and possible rain) north and west of home, so the task was shifted a bit east and south, and pilots were briefed not to expect a long-lasting day.

Results bore this out: most pilots found excellent lift and streeting, along with problems in the form of some lake effect and areas of rain that increased in extent later in the day.  We had three landouts, but also the best speeds of the contest thus far, with a couple of pilots above 70 mph.


It’s traditional that this contest has a rest day.  One was forced on us by Sunday’s rain, but it wasn’t clear whether taking the first day off would fully conform to the spirit of this tradition.  In the face of a forecast for continued excellent weather, pilots and crews have decided that we should continue flying without another break, so we may have the first Senior Contest with six straight days of competition (and certainly some of the best weather in the contest’s 22-year history).

John Good

Posted: 3/15/2012


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