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Senior's Soaring Championship - Daily report

March 14  afternoon report

Weather for this year's Senior Contest got off to a slow start - the practice day offered low clouds and wind, and the first scheduled day (Sunday) was comprehensively rained out - drizzle from 11am through late evening.

The past three days have more than made up for this.  Today we have a sky that would not make Uvalde ashamed.  The forecast called for 5- and 6-knot lift to 5000', and the sky at 3pm looks every bit that good.  Today's 3-hour task takes the pilots some 100 miles south, and it will probably take 70-mph speeds to score well.


Evening report

The day proved good, though perhaps not quite as good as the afternoon sky suggested.  Most pilots did well heading south and found excellent lift – along with some overdevelopment - in the remote areas of south-central Florida.  But conditions on the long upwind run home were not as trouble-free, and the day died a bit earlier than expected, hurting the speeds of late starters and leading to a few engine runs and landouts.  Best speeds were in the high sixties – no one managed 70 mph.

John Good


Posted: 3/14/2012


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