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Region 5 West - Day 2 Report

Saturday Sept 10

Day two was terrific.  Cloudbase was @ 6000 ft when the start gate was opened @ 1:50 PM, and during the task went up to 7500 ft.  Lift was consistently 4-5 knots and occasionally better.

Francois called a 3 hr nominal distance of 178 miles, warning everyone that the task varied such that contestants would have to switch gears en route.  Actually the CD switched gears before the start gate even opened because he saw a high overcast to the West. 

In the air he called South start, Village (10), Mark Anton (20), Eton (15).  Now nominal was 153 mph.

All six contestants finished, as well as Scott Myers (NX), who couldn’t make it last weekend.  Upon landing there were smiles all around. 

This time there was no overdevelopment which we had on the first day, and no tropical storms that ruined the remainder of last weekend.

Dinner was a gourmet event prepared by Francois & Luke.

As expected, the Chilhowee operation performed flawlessly.

Bob Richard - RHR

Posted: 9/10/2011


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