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Region 5 West - No Contest Day

Sunday Sept 4

Today we woke to gray skies and forecasts of doom. Apparently a tropical storm named "LEE" is headed this way, not to mention the cold front approaching from the west. Not that any of this discouraged Francois, our optimistic CD. It was a close call, but he was able to stop Fernando Silva from de-rigging prior to pilots meeting.

A marginal, stay on the ridge style task was called. Pilots gridded, and by launch time things were looking up. The gate opened on time and both FS and RHR headed out on course. Bob Richard's "won" the day as the only finisher, except that 30 miles isn't quite enough to have a day so he will have to try again next weekend.

I say next weekend since tomorrow this little guy named "LEE" is headed here for certain. Flash flood warnings are in effect for the entire area and over 6 inches of rain are forecast for the next two days. Thank goodness it's a split regional. The next scheduled day isn't until after this mess has gone through and had a chance to dry out.

More next weekend...

Sarah Arnold - Contest Manager & Scorer

Posted: 9/4/2011


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