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Region 5 West - Day 1 Report

Saturday Sept 3

Day one of the second annual Region V West contest at Chilhowee Gliderport dawned bright and sunny, with seven eager sailplane pilots rigged and ready by the 11 AM pilot's meeting.

Francois Pin, Contest Director and weatherman put together a 3:00 hour  yo-yo style Turn Area Task keeping the pilots to the north since Friday evening areas south of Chilhowee saw some heavy rain; incidentally the first rain this area has seen in about six weeks.

As it turned out the northern tasking area saw a little too much convection, and to the dismay of those of us on the ground we watched helplessly as late in the day an area of general thundershowers and heavy precipitation grew up exactly where all the pilots had been sent.

Two very wise first-time competitor's landed back at Chilhowee without going north for the final turn. One cut the task short, and the other three had wild stories to tell. Not the least being that of Bob Richards, your regular report writer for this contest. It seems that he had to choose between running the gauntlet between two cells or dodging around to the east behind the northern ridge. Since he saw a cluster of suitable fields to the east he tried that way, where he promptly landed.

In the end Fernando Silva won the day with a 61 mph raw speed and 4 kt average climbs to over 8000' MSL.

We finished the day with a fine cookout. Brisket, hamburgers, pintos with pickles & onions, fresh from the garden salads, and all the fixin's.

More tomorrow...

Sarah Arnold - Contest Manager & Scorer

Posted: 9/3/2011


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