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Region 10 Soaring Championship - Saturday Wrap Up .. Clips, Crew, and Commentary from Contest Day 4

WEATHER: HOT and Sunny .. start of the day is blue but midway through the task all of the porch agree there are some nice puffy clouds to help guide our brave contest glider pilots on their task.

TASK: Head to San Saba, Visit the host gliderport - Fault Line Flyers, off to Mason, and back to Llano.  Minimum Time is 2:30 with a Minimum distance of 76 mile and a maximum distance of 305.

Here is a view of the flightline:

From Llano SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest - 2011


Given the 100+ Degree days all of us on the porch agree:

From Llano SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest - 2011


Lastly, proper glider atire is important in the contest - Thank you Andre for demonstrating the proper way to wear a parachute!

From Llano SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest - 2011
From Llano SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest - 2011


TODAYS WINNER: Tony Condon in his Cherokee II took home the 1000 points.  He covered 119.47 miles with an actual speed of nearly 48 mph.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Frank Paynter flying his Ventus 2bx came in 2nd  today - he covered an actual distance of 204.19 miles averaging 78 mph.  He brought home 932 points.

As always - keep up with all the contest pilots by clicking on this link:


Check out this link for Pictures of the Region 10 SSA Soaring Contest in Llano, TX.

Posted: 8/20/2011


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