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Region 10 Soaring Championship - It's a Contest Day


TASK: From Llano to Brady, to Kimble-Junction, to Kerrville, to Spicewood, and back to Llano.  Minimum Distance 134 with a Maximum of 397.

Some pilots thought it was tough to climb but TA won the day!

Quote: "Very Good Day, Ran Streets, Flying Dry is fun .. Flying Faster Dry here than going balast in Uvalde!"

Here are the 2011 Region 10 Pilots!


From Llano SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest - 2011


Check out this link for Pictures of the Region 10 SSA Soaring Contest in Llano, TX.

As always - keep up with all the contest pilots by clicking on this link:


This pic is a view of what Spot Tracker Looks like ...

From Llano SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest - 2011

Posted: 8/16/2011


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