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Uvalde Glide 18M / 15M Contest - Aug 13 Report

On some days, Uvalde weather is tolerably straightforward; on others, it’s much less so.  Today was one of the latter.  Among the issues were a “mesoscale convective complex” to the north and a seabreeze to the south.  What was needed was a top-notch weatherman to sort all this out.  Fortunately, we have one in the person of Dan Gudgel.

By mid-morning it was clear that the weather to the north was sending substantial cirrus clouds our way, which were limiting sun and heating.  The seabreeze would encroach from the southeast by late afternoon.  Ground to the west was still wet from rain two days ago.  Dan said that tasks to the south and east should work, and so it proved.  After a somewhat late launch, pilots connected with good lift only a short distance south of home.  From there, the sky was mostly generous.  The seabreeze did encroach – by 5:30 cumulus buildups it was triggering could be seen from Uvalde.  But speeds were excellent and pilots managed to stay ahead of the cooler air – all got home.

The final glide from the south was pretty much “classic Uvalde”.  This downwind run from Cotulla, Callaghan or Laredo is often known as the “Holighausstrasse”, since Klaus Holighaus flew several Uvalde contests in the early days and loved streaking home on this route.  Today, Mark Huffstutler, flying with son Conrad in an ASH-25, was 80 miles from home and 8000 ft below final glide altitude.  He decided it would be interesting to see if they could get home without a circle – and it worked.

Winning speeds were impressive.  In Open class, Wiktor Kozlik managed 91.4 mph (147.1 kph).  Not far behind – and winning his sixth day of seven – was Bruce Taylor at 144.5 kph (89.8 mph) in 18-Meter class.  In 15-Meter class it was Francois Pin at 142.8 kph (88.7 mph).


- John Good

Posted: 8/13/2011


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