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Region 3 - Saturday, August 6, 2011


As expected, steady rain in the morning and forecast to continue throughout the day made the decision obvious and people were already packed up to leave. We gathered pre-pilots meeting in the Harris Hill flight center and watched Corky's  Thunderbird video's from when he was a Crew Chief in the '60 / '70's. Afterwards, Corky continued his tradition of giving every new Junior a pocket knife.  Then Contest Manager Janell Sullivan thanked all who worked hard to make this small contest such a great one. Imagine what all these people can do with 50 pilots and great weather!!

There was a short award ceremony for the winners: in Sports Class Andy Brayer won by 50 points over Roy McMaster with Harris Hill 'Rookie' Nikola Gradinski (XN) taking third place. In FAI class John Seymour won by a nailbiting 2 points over Tim Welles.

Great show Monty & Janell. Thank you Harris Hill Juniors.

One more Kai Gertsen story: Kai and Moe Acee were in Dansville with the Duo Discus. Weather was marginal at best. Kai convinced Moe to go fly anyway and they scratched away for an hour, each flying 30 minutes and then fell out. After landing there was silence in the cockpit, until Kai looked back over his shoulder and said; 'Told you it be good!'

Fly safe, Karin


Posted: 8/6/2011


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