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Region 3 - Friday, August 5, 2011

TASK: TAT #1 Loon Lake, #2 Eagle Ridge Finish 2 hrs Nominal 99.27miles.

It did not look like anything this morning, but after another long time on the grid and after the CD finally went up in a tow plane to check things out himself the fleet was launched and on its way by 14.15. Cloud base was 5000msl at best. It looked like a marginal day (i.e. a Go!! day in many other places but we are spoiled).  First leg to the west into the wind and head-on into the upper inbound Cirrus that could potentially cut off all heating. But the 20 / 15 mile circle radius was large enough to allow for the pilot to go after the good clouds.

Andy Brayer won - again. Focus pays off. Sean Murphy won FAI class.

Nice Fund Raising dinner hosted by the local EAA, again at the Youth Camp. And thank you to the clean-up crew at the Harris Hill Flight Center. (but just as a reminder; official recipie is 6 ounce lemon concentrate,  6 ounce Tequilla, 2 ounce Triple Sec. - not 50/50)


Posted: 8/5/2011


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