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Region 3 - Thursday, August 4, 2011


But not for a lack of trying.

Low clouds and drizzle did not bode well as the CD showed us two contradicting weather forecasts; and because we are gliderpilots, we believed the one that said there might be a small window mid-afternoon. 

We gridded - slowly - and hang around. Told stories, played practical jokes, gossiped. Pushback after pushback while we watched the black clouds come and go. Each time the sun tried to break through, it blew up and got dark again. Finally, shortly after 3 pm, the CD asked Doctor Guerry to check out the cloudbase and lift in a towplane. Did not take long for him to confirm: max cloudbase 700 above Harris Hill. Day called.

Of course, 30 min later the sun breaks through and the sky opens up. But to those who think it might have been possible - it stayed below 1500 ft over HH until at least 4.30pm. I checked it.

But all was not lost. As soon as the grid was cleared, the juniors got out two Schweizer 2-33's and rounded up instructors. They've been at it for 4 hours now - still hear the tow plane going as I write.

Just a note about last night; we had a Steak dinner at the Harris Hill Youth Camp. This beautifull wood builing is a gem; located just 3 min. off the runway, it is part of the group of building constructed by the Work Projects Administration (WPA) in the 1930's. In order to create jobs in the depression years, the WPA constructed the gliderport, hangar,  30-some cabins to house 10 pilots each (!!!!) the Youth Camp and the runway, used today by HHSC. The Youth Camp can be used for anything from weddings, graduations, Corning annual events, etc. (Free of charge).We reserve it for the entire week of the contest.

The building is nestled under pine trees, with large windows, a kitchen, dining room and large 'ball room'. Last night it was raining but you would not have noticed as people were grouping together talking, and a one-man-band was playing in the large room, while a few glider pilots were sliding over the old wood floor dancing.

The CD said the best soaring weather will pass through at about 2 am. Lets hope he is wrong for once this week.



Posted: 8/4/2011


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