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Region 3 - Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As the CD hinted yesterday morning, a weather system would prevent us from flying today. The satilite view shown during this mornings meeting confirmed what we saw outside. So the CD called the day early to give everyone a chance to do something with their day off.

Forecast for tomorrow is that rain will move out by 9 am and we should be able to fly in the afternoon.

There are three 'Rookies' flying their first contest at Harris Hill. One of them is our own Ed Funk (F5). He was asked to talk about his experience during yesterday's pilots meeting and he beamed like a buffed apple when talking about his first contest flight. He is flying his own Discus CS and clearly enjoying and learning a lot.

One of the other 'Rookies' is Mark Wasserbauer (VNE), from Dansville flying a Glasflugel Mosquito. He was called upon this morning to talk about yesterday's flight. He was the last home and we were all rooting for him. He started out by saying that many of us must hear Kai's voice in the back of their mind when on course, but yesterday he heard Uncle Hank's voice. (UH is giving a cross-country course in the morning prior to the pilots meeting). 'It's always better in the South'. It worked. At the end of the flight when he turned to head home, he almost choked when he saw 43 miles into strong wind ahead of him. But he made it, after at least one close friendship with a possible landing field, with enough altitude to actually allow himself to enjoy the view of Elmira before calling in his first '4 miles out'. As he touched down, he was surrounded by a group of juniors who turned his glider around and towed it back to his trailer. Someone handed him a cold beer and asked ' how was your flight?'  it took him a while before he could answer as he was looking around at all this activity and thinking ' I think I could like Harris Hill..'

He ended with quoting Kai Gertsen who once told him ' you can have a great flight, but you will remember the tough ones where you have to think really hard to make it home.' and, Mark added, you remember your first contest finish.


Posted: 8/3/2011


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