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Region 3 - Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Task:  3 Hr TAT #1: Prattsburg (30 mile radius), #2: Towanda (30 mile radius) Nominal 136.07


Pilots were briefed on the weather based on a smorgasbord of weather reports; it would be windy, and clouds and lift would end around 5 pm. Guess what; by 5 pm all but one pilot were back just as last cloud dissapeared. Good call CD!

The initial task had the fleet going into the wind to Mansfield, PA, then downwind to Towanda and upwind again home. But as we waited past lauch time, all quadrants but Mansfield started to look good, so a last minute task change moved the task to task D: upwind to Prattsburg with a 30 mile radius, then downwind to Towanda with 30 mile radius and home. This gave the fleet the opportunity to work the NW -SE windline of the approaching weather system.

Fighting a consistent 10 to 20 knots wind, all but one pilot came home and most were exited about their flights.

Winners: FAI Sean Murphy ; Sports Mike Westbrook

Tomorrow could bring some rain, thunderstorms, fast moving weather systems etc. Nothing we did not deal with the past two days. Thursday & friday look better.

No evening program today.


Posted: 8/2/2011


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