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Region 3 - Monday, August 1, 2011

Task for both classes: 2Hr. TAT #1:Penn Yan (25miles) #2:Malco (20 miles) Max Start Alt. 5200ft.

Lauch started at 12.15 and gate opened at 14.15. During these two hours, a small front came through which caused the CD to halt the launch after 2/3 of the fleet was in the air. Quickly, it started to rain gliders, and rain. With canopies closed to stay dry, the pilots yet to be launched watched as it rained gliders while crews and juniors hussled to keep the landing area free. All but 3 gliders re-lighted and when the launch resumed, it was a complete, full grid deja vu launch.

During the morning meeting the pilots got a fair warning: today's weather is hard to read and be ready for rapid change. It turned out to be a highly technical day with everything under the sun - literally - a fast moving front, a dark shelf followed by a thunderstorm crossing the valley away from the field, lightning, the dead air before the storm and good air after the front passage.

As soon as the gate openend, most went on task. The first leg was generally the better one, only to be stirred up by another thunderstorm over Canandiaqua Lake. Some pilots voices frustration about having to divert 90 degrees off course in order to stay airborne. The second leg was even more technical. Cloud bases never got higher than 6000 ft.

Winners are Tim Welles in FAI class and Andy Brayer in Sports. Andy had a great end run, starting his final glide before even making his last turn, ending up with a 42 mile @ 103 mile final glide.

Considering the rapid changing weather, it was a good day with only 3 landouts. Tomorrow looks like a good post-frontal day.

The day ended with a low-key taco salad-with-all-the-fixings dinner at the HHSC clubhouse, sitting on the deck, watching beautiful towering CB's backlit by the setting sun while a group of kids were teaching Curtis the puppy-hound to play frizbee and the Contest Manager was mixing margerita's....





Posted: 8/1/2011


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