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Region 3 - Practice Day July 30, 2011

After weeks of dry, hot weather it had all the looks of a blockbuster day. Not to jinx this contest, but if Harris Hill looks brown in July, better sign up.

There was excitement in the air during assembly and everyone was eager to launch by 11.30. Task Loon Lake (25 miles) Grand Canyon (25 miles). For good reason: clouds looked great. But first leg was little disappointing - second leg made up for it. 8000ft cloudbase, & consistent. Lots of Happy Pilots on the radio using the U-word. Everyone came home smiling. Uvalde - without the drive.

In the evening, Helga Gertsen and her daughters Linda and Cindy hosted a Kai Gertsen Celebration of Life dinner. Kai died May 23 after a fierce fight with cancer. Supported by grandchildren, cousins, aunts and husbands, the evening was uplifting, sunny, positive, warm and full of humor. Just like Kai. After dinner his daughter Cindy read from her father's upcoming book, followed by John Seymour who presented the slide show prepared by Kai for the Mifflin contest his past May but  which he was unable to present. The evening was closed by granddaughter Allison reading of a poem. Beware of that special permanent guest pilot - he might beat you.



Posted: 7/30/2011


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