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Region 3 - Sunday July 31, 2011


After a promissing practice day, everyone was ready for a big opening day. But by 10 am, a rain cloud line was moving in from the NW with potential strong winds so some did not assemble or quickly dis-assembled. After the first rain showers moved through, the launch was moved back to 12. Then to 12.30. Then CD Monty Sullivan called for a top-of-the-grid pilots meeting and handed out the task: Avoca (10 miles)  Elkland (15 miles). Sniffer Corey Sullivan was launched and headed into a new line of rain clouds and explored other quadrands.  After starting his engine twice and other task options were considered, the CD called the day at 2.15 pm, just in time for everyone to dis-assemble before the next rain rolled over the Hill.

The Harris Hill Junior are putting on their fundraiser dinner tonight. Asides from flying, the HH Juniors (about 25 of them) work the line, help assemble and dis-assemble, and do many other things. This contest, they run a lunch stand every day and tonight they will put on a big dinner (with help of some of HH mom's). Last year, with the money they raised, they organized a soaring camp at Mifflin, taking a few of the HH gliders and recruiting Dough Jacobs, among others, as one of their instructor/trainers. Tonight, they are feeding the contest crowd plus HH families to raise money for this years adventure.

Day cancelled, but competition not over for the day: Extreme Frizzbee game scheduled for after dinner. Beware: HHSC juniors/extended families have trained. Please don't embarress me.



Posted: 7/31/2011


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