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15 Meter Nationals - Final Day 7-28-2011

It is a wrap – Tim Taylor is  the 2011 15 Meter National Champion.


The day was looking good for racing and the task advisors came up with three separate tasks covering areas from the NE to SE, NE to NW and NW to SW with durations from 3:30 to 3:00 hours.  A strategy for discussing the options in the air was set all that was needed was for the soaring to begin.


The pilots waited on the line while the first sniffer launched and landed, the second sniffer stuck and was climbing slowly and the first sniffer relit and slowly came back to the airport.  The CD started launching when the sniffer climbed through 9K with a task change to B (Afton to ElkHorn Peak) and time of 3:05.  The task advisors and CD reduced the duration to 2:45 and the task opened.


We had limited SPOT tracking due to internet and electricity problems but we were able to see everyone making good progress into the first turn point.


There were two land outs and the rest of folks flew between 185 and 228 miles at speeds between 65 and 75 MPH.


Tim Taylor was able to win the day and move into first overall when the second and third place pilots from Wednesday flew 10 to 12 MPH slower.  Quite a feat to claw back to win after landing out the first day of the competition.


Overall 9 out 10 days were flown and Logan Utah offered some great but challenging soaring and racing conditions.

Posted: 7/28/2011


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