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15 Meter Nationals - Contest Reporting

Many of us enjoy following contests by reading the contest reports posted on the SSA website. Contest organizers are encouraged to post these daily reports and are responsible for selecting the reporters and posting the reports. There has never been any structure within the SSA to "manage" the reporters or the reporting -- please remember that the SSA management of contests is done entirely by a small group of dedicated volunteers, all of whom already have plenty to do without trying to manage contest reporters and reporting.

The contest organizers at the recent and ongoing Logan, UT contests have apparently elected to change reporters at the contest, which is within their authority to do. Frank Paynter's unofficial reports will continue to be available at www.soaringcafe.com.  Please note that unofficial reports have been available previously from other reporters on personal blogs and other websites for this and other contests.

We apologize for any inconvenience the change in contest reporting at Logan has caused and hope everyone will continue to enjoy following the progress of the ongoing 15M Nationals on the SSA website and elsewhere.

Ken Sorenson
SSA Contest Committee Chairman

Posted: 7/30/2011


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