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15 Meter Nationals - Wednesday Day 8

Wednesday July 27, 2011


The forecast was for 11-12K TOL and little chance of thunder storms in the tasking area.  The task advisory meeting was tough as they tried to balance the desire to get folks home, we did have a large land out ratio yesterday, the need to push skills as this is a Nationals and the ability to read the tea leafs and pick an area within the task that would work best.


The compromise was to choose a MAT with a mandatory first turn point that the pilot could from a list of three and to only allow the Sugar Creek turn point to be used once.  Duration was 3:30 hours.


The day started well with both sniffers climbing quickly and the launch commencing at 1:30.  The radar showed decent clouds in many areas.  The SPOT trackers showed many folks on the main ridge with 5-6 going for the gusto on the Salt River Range.


In the end it was the pure ridge that made the day with top speeds of 77.9 MPH and 270-280 miles.   The folks that went to the Salt River Range had 10% more miles but the speed was decreased due to slow return times.


The 5th place person is only 190 points behind the leader, 2nd only 83 points behind the leader and 3rd place only 21 points behind second.


Should be a great 9th day of racing on Thursday.

Additional reports can be found at


Posted: 7/27/2011


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