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15 Meter Nationals - Tueday July 26

Weather looked promising with 2/3 of the tasking area on the back side of the monsoon moisture.  Chance of an isolated storm was predicated.

Task to the Tetons, back S/SE past Afton and then NW to Downey was set with a duration of 4 hours.

The day started great with quick climbs at the start and fast runs on the first leg to the Tetons.  We were watching the radar and saw cells starting to develop over Preston in a line from there to Afton.  We could see the big cells at Preston and thought either it was really good or would OD.  We were comparing the radar to the SPOT maps and arm chair quarter backing the flights.  Once the pilots turned back from the Tetons it appeared that shifting of the gears was in order.

The OD blanketed the area and shut the path most folks used on the way north.  6+ landed at Afton WY, more towards Bear Lake airport, one 11 miles north of Logan and one 9 miles north of Logan and 4 made it around the course.

The score sheet will be shaken again and we are hoping for 2 more days of flying.

Additional reports and pictures can be found at these sites


Posted: 7/26/2011


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