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15 Meter Nationals - Day 6 Monday July 25

Monday July 25, Day 6


The weather continues to challenge the contestants and the task advisors.  Mike the Strike weather guru is taking the forecasting challenge in stride and is getting out to explore the tasking area and compare reality with the forecasts and models.


Speaking of the tasking area, it is currently right on the edge of the monsoon flow and on Monday the moisture creep looked like it may prevent temperatures from rising enough to create soarable racing conditions.  Grid time was pushed to 1pm and it was evident when we go there that temperatures were rising along with the humidity.  The sniffers were launched and had no issues climbing away.  RACE ON.


Launch went quickly and smoothly and the pilots were soon enveloped in the 3 hour MAT decided by the task advisors.


When it was all said and done, 5 pilots s were over 90 MPH average and mileage in the mid to high two hundreds were seen. 


Plenty of time over the BBQ dinner at the hangar for everyone to compare notes, play the ‘if I only did this and not that’ games, and relax.


With the clouds and moisture we were entertained by a prolonged and quite spectacular sunset.  Sunset here is a couple of minutes before 9pm.


Tuesday will pose more challenges with the weather but it is a Nationals Championships!


Other contest reports can be found at



Posted: 7/25/2011


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