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15 Meter Nationals - Sunday 7-24-2011

Logan Sunday July 24, 2011


Starting today Tim McAllister is the CD for the rest of the 15 Meter Nationals.  Karl Stridieck had prior commitments and since Tim was flying in the Region 9 Sports class competition that ended on Saturday he was gracious enough to stay and pick up the responsibility.


From a contest standpoint, utilizing 4 tow planes with 21 competitors for the Nationals.  This should allow for a launch time around an hour.


We continued to be entertained with exotic aircraft at the airport.  While waiting to commence launch a Sky Crane came in to refuel.  Pictures posted in the Photo Gallery


Soaring started late due to an inversion and light winds.  Pilots were tasked with a 3:30 task to the N/NE, back to the SW, to the NW and to the south before heading home.  The first 75%+ of the task appeared to be going well and the switch was turned off.  Only 5 made it back, a couple within 10 miles of the airport.


More moisture next few days with the monsoon moisture coming up from the south.


Links to other contest reports that we are aware of





Posted: 7/24/2011


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