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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day 5 Report

A very comfortable Western Nevada 85 degree last day saw this race finish on a high note. Mostly blue thermals to 13,000' allowed all but one to complete the 2.5 hour TAT. Dave Volkmann won the day and the contest with a flight of 172 miles at 66 mph ( actual.) Mike Graves, flying Johnny Byrd's old Discus a, finished a very close second for the day. This is Mike's first summer of racing.  Lt Col Orr had his last flight as an Air Force glider pilot and finished 5th with 60 mph and 200 miles. His co-pilot in the Duo Discus ( TG-15A) was Cadet Gasper. 

Air Sailing gliderport was glad to have the Air Force race team compete once again, and the help of their cadets made ground operations a breeze. We hope they return next year. Air Sailing served up seven straight soarable days once again, with a safe fun contest.

Thanks to all the volunteers: Rob Stone- manager, Marye Ann Read- scorer, Steve Smith- CD.6, Tow pilots: Bob Spielman, Gary Phillips, Roger Harris, Charley Gore, Tristan Armstrong, Aaron Dieringer, Operations help- Roger Wood, Daniel Volkmann, Barbara Morgan, Stew Crane 

Richard Walters CD.4


Posted: 7/16/2011


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