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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day 4 Report

After the rest day we were greeted with a better airmass and called a long 3 hourt TAT. Turns were Sweetwater and Flanigan. The trick of the day was dealing with a K index of 34. We launched early and most pilots started immediately.  Blow offs from Lake Tahoe did effect the normally easy run down the Pinenut Mountains. Most pilots used large deviations to stay in the sun, or shifted gears in time. Three pilots landed in the Yerington/ Wellington area, all at airports. Dave Volkmann won the day with 77 mph and 238 miles ( actual.) The two Air Force Duo's flew very well at 68 and 57 mph. The late day run up the Pah Rah and Virginia Mountains provided straight ahead 100 knot cruising into the last turn area. This helped move the average speeds up significantly.

Day 5 looks to have similar lift and height ( 10 knots/ 14,000') with a much reduced K index. The launch has just completed and conditions are strong, but mostly blue. A 2.5 hour TAT was called.

Richard Walters CD

Posted: 7/16/2011


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