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15 Meter Nationals - Getting to Logan

As I write this I’m driving across Wyoming, somewhere west of Laramie 

I started out from Columbus, Ohio to Logan, Utah on Thursday afternoon, taking I-70 to Indy and then I-80 almost all the way through Wyoming before jumping off on Rt 39 for the last 100 miles or so to Logan.  This is my second trip to Utah (the Sports Class Nationals was in Parowan last year), and I have to say both trips have been wonderful (if a bit long) adventures.  Until you take one of these long driving trips you cannot begin to grasp the immensity and richness of our vast nation – its just astounding!  I drove almost 600 miles the first day, and every mile of it was through endless fields of corn, soybeans, and wheat.  In fact, I was most of the way through Nebraska on the 2nd day before I started seeing more rangeland than farmland.  After Nebraska the land tilts upward to the high plains of Wyoming, with foothills and mountains to the west, and infinite vistas of grassland all around.  West of Cheyenne I was running under a stunning field of perfectly flat cumulus clouds that extended to the north, south, and west as far as I could see (and that had to be at least 50 miles in this visibility). Somewhere west of Laramie I was passed (and I was doing 80!) by a silver Audi with Mass tags pulling an ASW-28 ‘90’ (Bob Fletcher?).  The land west of Laramie is very sparsely inhabited and you can drive for miles and miles without seeing a house or building (plenty of wind generators and snow fences though!).

The last 100  miles to Logan was through the mountains, and I'm very glad I did that part in daylight.  There were some places winding through twisting canyons where I started wondering what would happen if I had to turn around - the canyon road was so narrow there was no way I could have done it with the trailer attached, and I wasn't really sure I could have done it even with it detached!


Posted: 7/16/2011


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