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Region 9 Sports Class - Contest Day 2, July 5, 2011 Report

Today was a very difficult day to calll; we gridded and sent off John Sinclair and Bob von Helens, at about noon, but they couldn't stick, so we halted the launch until 1:35.  We changed the task to a two hour MAT because of scattered thungderstorms, and up they went.  Three Air Force pilots landed back and called it a day after a failed re-light.  It was hard to get their initial start.  Just before all the pilots were due back a thunderstorm, with associated downpour, hit the feild and cleaned off the runway for landing.

Altitudes were about 14,000 feet with a 4-600fpm lift, with an occasional thermal.  Most went South initially towards St. George and Environs, then back to the West and North as far as Beaver area.  John (JJ) Sinclair hung with it for 134.27 miles at 65.78 mph for the 1000 pts.

-Gary Kemp

(with editing from Krista Knauer)

Posted: 7/5/2011


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