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Region2 North - Micro-Castle installed at El-OverDee (Wurtsboro)

Well, I'm installed in my Micro-Castle at the "El OverDee" cabin complex just across the street from the Wurtsboro airport.  This is a set of 8 rustic cabins owned by glider/aviation enthusiasts and available for rent.  John Dezzutti (JD) is in one, Warren (a glider instructor at the Wurtsboro commercial operation) is in another, and two Dutch KLM airways pilots are in another.  My Micro-Castle is installed between two of the cabins where I can reach electricity on one side, and (if need be) additional water on the other. 

When I drove onto the airport grounds about 7pm today, I found Evan Ludeman (T8) had also just pulled in.  He found a place for his tent near the taxiway about the same time I found a place for my Micro-Castle, and we wound up having dinner at Danny's in Wurtsboro, along with the two KLM pilots.

Tomorrow is practice day here, and the local weather forecast is for sunny, with a high near 81. Calm wind becoming northwest around 6 mph.   So maybe blue, but it certainly sounds better than the terrible weather we experienced last week at CCSC.

The Wurtsboro contest SPOT map is already up and ready to go, so you can watch the action from anywhere with an internet connection.  See the HawkeTracking.com site's Current events page for the links.

Stay tuned, 


Posted: 6/30/2011


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