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18 Meter Nationals - Day 8 - Where'd Those White Things Come From

Hi Race Fans,

Today was forecast to be much like yesterday, except slower starting. Expecting pilots to have to work hard in a relatively low band we came up with a bow-tie 3.5 hour TAT, giving the option to go to the high ground if things were stronger than expected and keeping over relatively landable terrain.

The TAT saved our butts, as an hour after launch cu started to appear.  By the late afternoon the sky was filled with good looking cu, and although not all areas worked well distances and speeds were much higher than expected. Luckily the TAT had the available miles to accommodate it. 4 pilots clocked 90 mph plus.

A8 took the day with 335 miles at 95 mph. P7 moved into first with a 53 point margin over 7V. DJ remains 71 points back in third. They have rounded the final turn and come down the stretch tomorrow.


Posted: 6/29/2011


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