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18 Meter Nationals - Day 7 - Kellerman's Nightmare

Hi Race Fans,

Last night we were treated to quite a light show to the north, where the storms dropped up to 3 inches of rain along a narrow NE/SW line.

The cold air mass that drooped from the north had obliterated the dry line and resulted in a very unsettled non-pattern.  We (Ward, the models, the local experts, task advisors et al.) all had divergent opinions, and in the end very little of what any of us thought came true (except for the SE wind).

We started out at 7:30 thinking that going north to Crossroads was the only way to reasonably start and by grid time were convinced it was the most unreasonable thing to do. 

We finally settled on a 255 mi TAT with 2 very large circles emphasizing the SE.  By all accounts, everyone had to work for their dinner quite hard. Water was dumped early and lift was not nearly as strong or high as hoped.  On the plus side there were 4 cumuli later on in the afternoon.

P7 turned in "only 263 mi at 74 mph" to take the day, with DJ, Dave Mockler and 7V on his heels.

Tonight's dinner is Mexican provided by the LESS, and it is good.  Going back for seconds now.

Stay tuned,


Posted: 6/28/2011


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