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18 Meter Nationals - Day 6 - Round, firm, fully-packed

afternoon cumulus was the 7:30 am briefing from Ward Hindman.  He was barely able to contain himself talking about a boundary layer 3 miles thick. After yesterday's 100mph plus speeds in completely blue conditions could today possibly be any better? It sure looked like it.

Well, we settled on a 4 hour, 5 turn, 413 mile (nominal) TAT.

Like yesterday, we gridded early and then waited in the hanger (out of the 106 degree heat) so as to get the fleet in the air just a bit (30 minutess) before optimal start time and minimize grinding around low in the intense heat.

You really need to download the logs and look at the flights for it all to sink in.  8 (of 15) gliders did over 100 mph and Dave Mockler took the day with 453 miles at 111 mph (yes, that would be one hundred eleven).

A truly awesome Hobbs day.

Tomorrw is a rest day, so tune back in Tuesday.


Posted: 6/26/2011


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