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18 Meter Nationals - Day 5 - Alien Abductions

Hi Race Fans,

Clearly Area 51 came into play today. Although no one was able to report anyting wierd, all pilots came back with mysteriously similar plastic surgey - the corners of their lips had been attached to ther ears (i.e. they were smiling from ear to ear).

Today we called a long MAT (4.5 hours) with 360 miles of required turnpoints. All I can say is I can't wait to get old - 7V smoked the field with 465 miles at 103 mph.  Al Tyler limped in with 470 miles at 101 mph (rumor has it that he has already generated 2 firm offers on Perry and is closing on a single-wide on site next week).

Sustained climbs of 10, 11, 12 kts were common.

I am so jealous....


Posted: 6/25/2011


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