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18 Meter Nationals - Day 4 - Whetting their Whistles

Hi Race Fans,

It's now an official contest, with 6 days to go.  Yesterday the forecast of high surface winds from the south and a thermal top of 12K enticed us to delay the grid to 12:30 (so we could use rwy 17) and stick with a 3 hour task (after everyone slogging home the day before in 4-5 hours).

Well, as we gridded the wind went calm, and then the thermals blew the top off the boundary layer.  Ray Gimmey takes the day with 307 miles at 96 mph! PIlots reported average lift of 10-12 knots up to Class A.

Saturday is forecast for more of the same with light winds, so expect a much longer task.

Hobbs is back!


Posted: 6/24/2011


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